Lipsanen & Co. Law Firm is a part of the international group of companies, the Lipsanen & Co. Group, based in Vantaa, Finland. We have provided reliable legal services in St. Petersburg, Russia since 1994 and have thus accumulated unique practical experience in representing the interest of major international and Russian companies on each stage of the implementation of the most complex cases. Such experience is based on a profound understanding of all the nuances of Russian legal realities, social, economic and political developments.

We have extensive coverage and experience in most legal and regulatory issues that foreign companies may encounter when getting established and operating in Russia. Our lawyers are specialists in real estate and business law. We have also participated as advisors in major merger and acquisition cases.

Lipsanen & Co. Law Firm is committed to pursue excellence and integrity in all we do. Our clients rely on us, because we are:

  • professional. Our team of experienced and versatile lawyers adheres to the strictest professional standards and strives to help our clients succeed. The integrated approach to issue resolution guarantees comprehensive assessment and support for any project.

  • stable. Decades of successful practice based on long-lasting and fruitful cooperation of the strong team of professionals, wide range of regular clients and financial stability speaks for itself.

  • client-orientated. We respond promptly and efficiently to our clients’ needs and deliver quality and consistency in counseling clients through their problems. We work hard so that our clients can concentrate on their own business.

  • cost-efficient. Our rates match the results we deliver and compare favorably with those offered by companies of similar service level.



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