Legal Administration

Cooperation with the state and local authorities is a crucial part of successful business in Russia. Lipsanen & Co. Law Firm has extensive experience in dealing with federal, regional and municipal authorities. We consult on administrative procedures such as licensing and problems related to their implementation, the risks of administrative coercion and administrative disputes with the state and municipal authorities.

Our lawyers prepare for business audits and provide support during state and municipal audits. We analyze document flow and work towards preventing and pre-emptying administrative or criminal violations. In cases of detected violations our defensive approach seeks to promptly correct the situation prior their discovery by the supervisory agencies. We reply to the supervisory agencies on the submission of documents containing our client’s reasoned grounds.

Our lawyers defend our clients in cases of administrative offenses. We prepare motions to suspend proceedings on administrative offences due to the lack of grounds for holding a person administratively liable and gather evidence on proceedings regarding ledged administrative offenses. Our lawyers also challenge illegal actions, inactions and resolutions of the state and municipal authorities and their officials. Our specialists assess both administrative law risks and potentials for performing transactions and implementing investment projects.

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